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Growth Hub SynerLeap Powered by ABB

SynerLeap is ABBs initiative for innovation transfer across industries through collaboration between established large companies and creative startups & scaleups.

Background and key aspects

ABB, as an industrial pioneer with over 125 years of innovation, is a key driver in industrial digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution.

ABB started their growth hub SynerLeap since they believe that collaboration between established large companies and creative startups is a way to drive innovation and Swedish competitiveness forward. The ecosystem allows ABB to utilize and enable smaller technologies developed by startups and scalups. The vision is to reach shorter innovation cycles, decreased time to market and together strengthen the competitiveness.

Digitalization is a key to the future and this partnership enables several synergies with ABBs infrastructure knowledge and network is combined with unique expertise and offering – such as Strainlabs System. Key aspects of the collaboration:

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When and where is it relevant to implement Strainlabs System?

Due to the wide use of bolted joints across industries, Strainlabs can provide valuable & actionable data to virtually any business, process or asset.

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