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A comprehensive performance review

Summary of Performance of IoT Bolting Series: As we pioneer the digitalization of bolted joints, we must balance the possibilities of the technologies we use – and the functionalities IoT bolt users find the most valuable. Overview of the six-piece article series.
Icons related to each performance review

The performance of Strainlabs System

For Industrial IoT to enable predictive maintenance they have to bring valuable efficiency and reliability gains. One year ago we introduced an article series considering the technical boundary conditions as bolted joints are digitalized. The series covers every major aspect of the performance of our IoT Bolting System, here presented with a short summary of each theme article:

1: Accuracy and precision in IoT bolting
Accurately measuring the preload in bolted joints is essential for ensuring their proper functioning and preventing loosening or failure. Strainlabs Bolts are calibrated to an accuracy of 99% and ± 3% precision upon delivery, this is considered very accurate and precise in an industrial environment.
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2: Optimizing battery performance
Efficient battery usage is paramount for extending the lifespan of Strainlabs IoT Bolts and minimizing maintenance requirements. Strainlabs utilizes advanced smart power management techniques and low-power sensors to maximize battery life, ensuring that bolts can operate for years without replacement.
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3: Bolts communicating via radio
Wireless communication is crucial for remote monitoring of bolted joints, enabling real-time data transmission and eliminating the need for cables or connectors. Strainlabs IoT Bolts employs a custom-designed radio communication module that operates on the 2.4 GHz band, ensuring reliable connectivity within a range of up to 100 meters.
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4: Our choice of gateway / router
Gateway routers act as central hubs for collecting and transmitting data from Strainlabs IoT Bolts. Strainlabs uses high-performance gateway routers that can simultaneously handle data from hundreds of bolts, ensuring efficient data processing and seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure.
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5: Tensile strength in Strainlabs Bolts
Tensile strength is a key factor in determining the load-bearing capacity of bolted joints. Strainlabs IoT Bolts are manufactured from high-quality materials and adhere to stringent quality control standards, ensuring that they meet industry-standard tensile strength requirements.
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6: Smart bolt analytics
Smart bolt analytics software provides valuable insights into the behavior of bolted joints, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing potential failures. Strainlabs’ analytics software, provides users with real-time strain data, historical trends, and predictive alerts.
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Strainlabs IoT Bolts represent a paradigm shift in bolted joint monitoring, revolutionizing the way industrial structures are maintained. With exceptional accuracy, extended battery life, reliable wireless communication, robust hardware, and advanced analytics capabilities, Strainlabs IoT Bolts offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing structural integrity, optimizing maintenance operations, and reducing downtime.


Traditional methods of monitoring bolted joints often involve time-consuming inspections and manual measurements, which can be inefficient and prone to human error.

Strainlabs IoT Bolts digitizes bolted joint monitoring, providing real-time data and insights to enhance structural integrity and optimize maintenance operations.

The golden rule of mechanics claim that “What you win in force you will lose in distance”. However, as we are pioneering the digitalization of bolted joints, we balance the possibilities of the technologies we use – and the functionalities IoT bolt users find the most valuable.

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