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Bolts are incredible tools, when installed correctly they withstand great loads. But the importance of bolt preload must not be overlooked.

Preloaded bolts prevail, loose ones come apart

A preloaded bolt distributes force through the clamped materials making the application rigorous. If a joint is not correctly tightened, the entire force may be placed on a bolt – greatly increasing the risk of failures. 


Strainlabs is a Swedish IndTech company - taking the oldest machine in the world
– the bolt – and turning it into an IoT solution to enable Industry 4.0 for industrial applications.

Traditional maintenance meets remote, automated and wireless condition monitoring

Bolted joints are a key source for inspections as well as reoccurring retightening and maintenance needs. With Strainlabs, some of these costly processes can be digitalized and easily integrated into a modern maintenance strategy to allow more efficient time spent by maintenance teams whilst enabling a tighter inspection scheme and faster identification of bolts approaching a non-functional preload range.

The system includes custom alerts and user-friendly dashboards to support monitoring and insights per specific bolt or joint, and even machines and entire sites.

For OEMs and service providers, Strainlabs Preload Monitoring can be offered as part of a service offering to enable maximized asset output and productivity for asset users.


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Due to the wide use of bolted joints across industries, Strainlabs can provide valuable & actionable data to virtually any business, process or asset.

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