Strainlabs systems

Customer Benefits

Strainlabs bring a lot of customer benefits for asset owners and users related to safety, productivity, and insights. For OEMs / service providers Strainlabs Preload Monitoring can be offered as part of a service offering to enable maximized asset output.

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Main ROI drivers with Strainlabs preload monitoring

Continuous bolt preload knowledge enables return on investment primarily related to:

Avoid failures before they happen

Bolts and nuts are commonly used across all industries as the most common mechanical components. Mechanical components in turn, are considered a common cause accident caused by equipment failures.

Remote inspections

Continuous inspections enable increased reliability & precision. Safety benefits for both application and personnel.

Reduced maintenance costs

Strainlabs System enables improved business processes though digitalization and development towards Industry 4.0 including Condition Monitoring / Condition Based Maintenance

Increased equipment up-time

Smarter maintenance strategy allows teams to prioritize and plan work more efficiently. Unplanned stops take 3-9 times longer than planned. Source: Reliable Plant.

Dual value - digitalization & precision

Strainlabs is a sophisticated solution, allowing a mechanical design element to double as IoT component. By measuring bolt preload, installation accuracy is ensured as well as precision over time.

Overall, the analysis capabilities by monitoring and collecting actionable data is valuable and can open for additional benefits related to competitive advantage / digital twin. Any data gathered in Strainlabs will also be beneficial for future development into AI, data science and machine learning.

Internet of Bolts

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Learn more on how to get started with Strainlabs System