Strainlabs IoT bolts

Strainlabs combines multiple technologies into a sophisticated and complete IoT system for remote preload monitoring, alerts, and insights.

Preload monitoring

Torque vs Preload

It may seem straightforward to tighten a bolt with a certain torque and achieve a desired preload. However, there are several factors that can affect the result. What does this uncertainty mean for safety and reliability and how can one know that a bolt is tight?

Internet of Bolts


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The value of bolt preload

Bolt inspections and retightening routines are common and reoccurring across industries. Get an overview on the natural causes why bolt preload changes over time and learn about the main values of digitalization of bolts.

When and where is it relevant to implement Strainlabs System?

Due to the wide use of bolted joints across industries, Strainlabs can provide valuable & actionable data to virtually any business, process or asset.

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