Monitoring system with smart sensor bolts

We offer smart bolts with built-in sensors, paired with a system that enables real-time monitoring and alerts, to prevent unexpected production stops and ensure operational reliability.


Versatile smart monitoring system across many industries

Strainlabs adapts to a multitude of industries with its cutting-edge smart monitoring system. Whether in manufacturing, energy, transportation, or construction, their technology is designed to enhance operational efficiency and reliability.

Oil & Gas

Energy & Power Generation

Construction & Infrastructure


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Manufacturing & Heavy Industries


Preload monitoring

Torque vs Preload

It may seem straightforward to tighten a bolt with a certain torque and achieve a desired preload.

However, there are several factors that can affect the result. What does this uncertainty mean for safety and reliability and how can one know that a bolt is tight?

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When and where is it relevant to implement Strainlabs System?

Due to the wide use of bolted joints across industries, Strainlabs can provide valuable & actionable data to virtually any business, process or asset.

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