Manufacturing & Heavy Industries

Enhance manufacturing efficiency with advanced technology. Increase reliability and cost-effectiveness in factory operations through Industry 4.0’s IoT solutions. Optimize maintenance, reduce unplanned stops, and focus on value-added tasks.

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Tech advancements boost manufacturing efficiency and competitiveness

Every minute of motion counts in manufacturing and processing. Advancing technology on core assets and processes is key for keeping down costs / competitiveness:

  • Increase reliability in process & quality as factory operations are more transparent to engineers and managers.
  • Avoid costly and unplanned stops. Proactively join the industry 4.0 adoption with a complete IoT solution.
  • On-site maintenance teams can spend more time adding value and less time on inspections & maintenance by schedule.


Versatile smart monitoring system across many industries

Strainlabs adapts to a multitude of industries with its cutting-edge smart monitoring system. Whether in manufacturing, energy, transportation, or construction, their technology is designed to enhance operational efficiency and reliability.

Oil & Gas

Energy & Power Generation

Construction & Infrastructure


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Manufacturing & Heavy Industries

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Learn more on how to get started with Strainlabs System