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A new Graduate School on IndTech

Markus Bohlin at Mälardalen University explains the drivers behind the new initiative and what the close collaboration with Industrial leaders is set to achieve.

Why does Sweden need a research program on IndTech?

Mälardalen University and its partners are aiming to strengthen the long-term competence shift to navigate and draw benefit from the possibilities with digitalization. IndTech development is strategically important and virtually all Sweden’s large industries want to and need to accelerate their efforts. “The interest from the industrial leaders to partner up in this new program has been huge!” explains Markus Bohlin who is responsible for the new graduate school. The program starts out with 15 industrial PhD students that are hired by partners such as Alfa Laval, Boliden and Alstom. Mälardalen University is a young University, quite used to working closely with the industry and the main goal is to create lasting industrial value.

Besides the industrial partners the school has tied additional companies that are on the system and innovation side to their network. Everyone working with IndTech one way or another do see the systematic challenges to test and integrate new technologies in the industrial IT/OT ecosystems. “I look forward to expanding the network and research in this important area. Ensuring that we have good network and transverse collaborations between different types of actors is crucial for development” says Markus Bohlin. Since there are no standards, new innovations basically must find ways to drive and help develop new standards whilst proving how they bring industrial value. “Strainlabs is a great example of a high-tech Swedish innovation that I find interesting, and I look forward to following your journey onwards” Markus concludes.

The IndTech Graduate school has been developed to match scientific excellence and development needs with the industrial need for increased competence withing primarily the following areas:

Digital transformation of production systems, Industrial artificial intelligence, Resilient industrial systems and Energy efficient production and automation.


Markus Bohlin is a professor and Head of Division at Mälardalen University, MDU.

The IndTech Graduate school is financed jointly by the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen), the industrial partners and Mälardalen University.

Besides the 10+ participating industrial companies the IndTech research program is supported by organizations such as AI Sweden, PiiA, Blue Institute and Automation Region.

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