A new Graduate School on IndTech

Markus Bohlin at Mälardalen University explains the drivers behind the new initiative and what the close collaboration with Industrial leaders is set to achieve.

IndTech in the Process Industry

We asked Jonas Uller, IT Development Manager at BillerudKorsnäs and a member of the industry Council of PiiA, to give us his take on current trends, challenges, and opportunities with digitalization in the process industry in Sweden.

Electrification trends and IndTech

We asked Peter Björkholm and Elisabet Österlund with the Swedish Electronics Trade Association about the trends in electronics and how it affects industrial digitalization.

Five Questions to Örjan Larsson

Örjan Larsson is the main author of the Swedish IndTech Report. He has been involved in founding PiiA, a strategic innovation program and also Blue Institute, an independent research institute.

Swedish IndTech report

A survey of the technology, the market, and Sweden’s position
within the supply industry for industrial digitalization.

IndTech tip: PiiA Summit 2021

See the recorded webinar on digitalization, sustainability, and industrial development. This webinar emphasized that IndTech is not only about retrieving and sending data from equipment

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