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Swedish IndTech report

A survey of the technology, the market, and Sweden’s position within the supply industry for industrial digitalization.

IndTech, the technology that makes the industry smart

The strategic innovation program PiiA has published a report on IndTech. This is the introduction to the report from their website:

There are many technologies used to make the industry smarter, including; cloud computing, augmented virtual and mixed reality (AR, VR, XR), artificial intelligence, 5G, internet of things, big data, block chain, user experience and digital twins. Many of these technologies are developed for industries other than industry, such as augmented and virtual reality, which were initially created for gaming and now adapted and developed for industrial applications. But there are also technologies originating from industry needs such as the Internet of Things where you build networks consisting of sensors, software and other technologies to exchange data and connect multiple machines and devices. The term IndTech is the collective name for technologies that are implemented to make the industry smart.

By funding research, innovation and development, industry and its suppliers can together adapt and learn more so that new technology can strengthen Swedish industry,” says Peter Wallin, program manager for the strategic innovation program PiiA. “We see that PiiA has an important role to play in accelerating development. New technology enables smarter, safer and more climate-efficient solutions for industry. Sweden has a high degree of innovation and we generally quickly adopt new ways of working and solutions. We definitely have a chance to become a world leader in the climate-efficient process industry and we see great interest from other countries in learning more about our industries and how they apply new technology. We therefore work together with many actors to spread the “Swedish model”. Everyone benefits from the fact that the world’s industrial companies are becoming more climate efficient and moving more towards circular flows.”

The report is available in both English or Swedish.

S-curve figure: The S-curve depicts the digital development of the industrial sector. This is divided into three phases, starting with testing and
demonstration, followed by companies striving to find business models. The third phase involves very rapid development and major impacts on the sector from digital transformation.


Industrial technology export has been a century-long tradition in Sweden and it is considered a cornerstone in our economy.

The Swedish IndTech report is co-produced by Automation Region, Blue Institute and PiiA. Main author is Örjan Larsson, Blue Institute.

The report was published in Swedish in May 2021 and published in English in November 2021.

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