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Strainlabs & IndTech in Sweden Innovation Days

Links, the IndTech recording & Strainlabs pitch

The recordings of all main stage events are available until 4th of February on Sweden Innovation Days website. Below the recording of the IndTech focused session:

Want to hear our pitch on the industrial digitalization of bolted joints?

Sweden Innovation Days was probably the biggest matchmaking event ever between enterprises and impact startups. Strainlabs received a lot of interest and we look forward to continuing discussions with the corporates that we pitched for.

Would you like to understand what we do and how it can impact your business? Ask for a short pitch on what the main challenges with traditional bolting are and what the industrial digitalization of bolted joints looks like! Contact us to learn more.


Sweden Innovation Days

Participants: 5000 
Countries: 97 
Speakers: 250+
Corporations: 79
Startups / scaleups: 248 


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