IoT & Sensors

Strainlabs System is IP67 rated

Excellence in harsh environments

Strainlabs entire system is IP67 rated. We have long been at the forefront of developing a predictive maintenance technology applicable to all industries and thrive under harsh conditions.

Strainlabs bolt in foreground with CE mark logo pointed to it

CE-marked since 2021

Strainlabs’ CE-marked IoT-enabled bolts represent a paradigm shift in industrial bolting technology, revolutionizing the way that maintenance teams monitor and manage bolted connections.

Strainlabs partnering with Vossloh

Strainlabs is one of the innovative technologies on a new integration platform developed by Vossloh. The ambition is to transform the railway industry, drive digitization, and bring together data-driven solutions related to railway infrastructure through ‘Vossloh connect’.

Järvängsklustret ERCI

Railway Cluster and ERCI

We’re excited to announce that we have joined the Railway Cluster of Sweden, bringing our groundbreaking wireless and automated preloading monitoring system to the forefront in the sector. We have also been nominated for the ERCI Innovation Awards, recognizing our relevance and potential in the railway sector.

Risks & costs of bolt inspections

A main advantage of Strainlabs IoT Bolts is to increase safety and security in the workplace as per target 8.8 in Agenda 2030. Although risks are recognized and accounted for with preventative measures and routines, the total cost of such measures are often not accounted for in cost calculations and maintenance planning.

Daniel Reimhult advanced measurement systems

Bringing a new embedded / IoT system to market

Daniel Reimhult, a consultant working on advanced measurement systems and data analytics, comments on the key success factors and Strainlabs journey so far in delivering a completely new system to market.

Innovation through additive manufacturing

Manufacturing Strainlabs preload-sensing Bolts requires a broad knowledge in anything from stress mechanics to electronics and wireless communication. Several modern manufacturing techniques and suppliers contribute to the development and manufacturing process. One supplier we work closely with is Digital Metal, pioneers within Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ).

Electrification trends and IndTech

We asked Peter Björkholm and Elisabet Österlund with the Swedish Electronics Trade Association about the trends in electronics and how it affects industrial digitalization.

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