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IndTech tip: Industry Day Conference

Listen to Automation Region’s conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation. Available online till September 10th.

Listen in to Industry Day - recording

Today, 7th of September, Automation Summit held an International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation.

Insights and inspirations on technology trends from experts in various fields related to Industrial Digitalization and IndTech overall. A conference relevant for anyone who is interested in the subject.

A key takeaway and quote that we think sums up the most important direction in in the industry:
“3 years ago we were talking a lot about technology – today it is more on value and use cases. The focus is more on the actual needs of the customer. A shift from technology centric to more use case centric.”
Elin NordmarkHead of Promotion and Product Management at Siemens Sweden

At Strainlabs we are keen to explain the Business Value of our solution with preload monitoring through IoT Strainlabs Bolts. It was also concluded that digitalization largely is about information: getting the information when and where you need it. If you are wondering why bolts would be a relevant sensor for Condition Monitoring – you’d be surprised how much maintenance and inspection activity is related to insecurity on bolt preload. Knowing bolt preload will help take better decisions which is the common goal for all data gathering IoT solutions. We also liked that the conference made several references to the need of combining different domain experts to advance and innovate since we are particularly proud to be an unusually multidisciplinary start-up going into scale-up phase.


Automation Summit has been organized since 2013 by Automation Region, The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, IVA Smart Industri and the strategic innovation program PiiA (Process Industrial IT and Automation).

In 2021, Automation Summit will be held under the name Industry Day, which is part of the International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), hosted by Mälardalen University in Sweden.

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