New feature: Real Time mode

Strainlabs System has been developed to enable remote and automated inspections of bolted joints over time. However, preload data has additional values and one of them is the ability to get preload values presented in Real Time.

The value of bolt preload  

Bolt inspections and retightening routines are common and reoccurring across industries. Get an overview on the natural causes why bolt preload changes over time and learn about the main values of digitalization of bolts.

Tensile strength in Internet of Bolts

We asked the Technical Director at Bumax, Anders Söderman, to explain why tensile tests are key when testing bolts quality and function – and further to comment on how Strainlabs Bolts perform in regards of tensile strength.

Thermal compensation

Strainlabs Embedded Systems Engineer Michael Fransson explains how Strainlabs Bolts cope with providing relevant and correct data in varying temperatures.

Five Questions to Anders Söderman

The Technical Director at Bumax, a company specialized in specialty stainless steel fasteners, gives his view on industry trends and Strainlabs solution.

First ever CE-marked IoT Bolts

Strainlabs Bolts are the first ever smart and connected bolts to achieve CE-marking. An important step in our ambition to equip machine owners with preload data and enable remote condition monitoring that will save valuable time and increase uptime.

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